Woven: The Fabric of Amazing Women

Meet Mo!

Meet Mo!Growing up in a small community in Germany, my dreams quickly outgrew what life offered.

Opportunity knocked, the stars were in alignment, and one day I found myself on a flight to Hong Kong, where I was going to live and work. I was full of excitement and joy about my new chapter and the freedom to pursue my inner bliss. My expectations were sky-high. But after four years of expat life in Asia, I felt far from it. My spirit nudged me that I wasn’t experiencing any bliss, and it was time for change and search somewhere else.

This time, my new journey took me to California. Clearly, it couldn’t get any better. After all, I was in the land of unlimited opportunities. My work in the field of health and nutrition allowed me to blend science and nutrition and gave me a sense of purpose to help empower people about living a healthy lifestyle. I thought I had it all, but I realized I was unhappy with a nagging emptiness lingering inside me. How could this be?

Then one day, my cosmic alarm clock went off! I meditated and realized that I was looking in the wrong places! Eager to find bliss, I had traveled the world with my eyes and my mind closed. What I was searching for all my life had been inside of me all along!

Like having a blank canvas waiting to be painted, I am excited about connecting and weaving a new web among the many amazing women on a journey that reflects our passions, strengths and values. Women helping Women. What could be better than that?!

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