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Meet Lisa!

Monika Post

At 39, I left an abusive relationship and moved into a one-bedroom apartment with my precious 4 and 7 year old sons. I focused on keeping alive what mattered most and nurturing moments that made our lives sweet. Painful things happened; and many magical things as well. I bought us a home, a pop-top Vanagon for adventure-filled camping trips, and continued to work as a teacher. I spent time alone to rewire myself.

Today, my boys are in their 20’s, creatively sculpting their way in the world. I am a people-loving artist, teacher, mentor, coach and love this gentle journey so many of us are on from trauma to joy and aliveness. I paint, work in myriad ways with teens and adults, have taken or led hundreds of groups and workshops and still forget that I am enough. Going through hard stuff has created a deeper capacity and presence I can share with others. I’ve navigated almost losing my son, being a single mom, healing from a serious cycling accident, and teaching a court school of troubled teens. I am resilient and strong, happy and simple, and love laughing and sharing in circles of women.


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