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Fear Sucks! – 2nd part

In a former post I shared with you how fear has shown up in a key area of my life: in Relationships. Now I would like to talk about how it showed up in my Career:

Am I good enough to get job? What if I’m not the best at the job? And what if they want to fire me? How do these fears play themselves out? When I interview for a new job, I spend more time making sure that I am seen as good enough. Which is helpful to getting a job offer, but not necessarily in getting the right job offer. I get so lost in the process of making a good impression and getting a job offer, that I forget to, or maybe even can’t objectively see if this would be the right job for me. Which is very likely why I am not feeling passionate about my work. In terms of fearing not being the best at my job, that means I spend mental energy on showing my value, time that would be better spent actually adding value. And then fear of losing the job again causes me stress and anxiety that could be better focused on more positive endeavors.

I recently had an experience at work that caused me to face these fears face on. And let me tell you, I had a few really agonizing weeks living in self-doubt and anxiety. It didn’t feel good at all, I was spinning out of control. And then I participated in a Shawmanic Journey (non-drug induced) and came to realize I was living in the future, fearing what might happen and in doing that letting my life pass me by.

As soon as I realized that and let go, the fear and anxiety washed away. My situation didn’t really change but at the same time, it no longer seemed as dire as it had a few weeks prior and my job itself didn’t feel nearly as daunting or cumbersome. All of that freed up mind space to start focusing on the important things at work and opened up space to start exploring possible directions to take my career that I might be more passionate about. I am thankful for the new insight I am gaining into my fear and for the ability to start learning to remove it from my life. But I realize the change is an ongoing practice in awareness and I need to continue to be mindful every day as I work to learn new behaviors and incorporate them into my life. I can see already though the benefit they are having and hope to continue to make more progress.

I would love to hear from you. Have you experienced these types of fear? And what have you done to remove these fears? And if you aren’t comfortable sharing that here, I would like to challenge you to at least examine your life and find something you are fearful of and see what you can do to change your thoughts and behavior surrounding that. Believe me, I can tell you from personal experience it will leave you feeling lighter, happier and more content than you could imagine.

And oh yeah, I’m sleeping much better these days too!

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