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Meet Monika!

Monika PostOur woven co-founder, Monika:

“At that point, I knew that if I survive I cannot and will not return to my old life.”

I just returned to the USA after a failed relationship in London. I was a high flying strategy consultant at McKinsey, a prestigious firm, and they agreed to transfer me back – my heart ached and I could not bear to stay in London. A couple of friends of mine invited me to spend Christmas in Idaho skiing with them. It was a nine hour drive from San Francisco but it sounded like a lot of fun and exactly what I needed to take my mind off my love life.

While my friend was driving, I moved to the backseat to take a nap. The backseat of the Jeep was pretty uncomfortable so I unbuckled my seat belt and lay down to take a quick nap. At this point we were somewhere in rural Nevada, and the sun just set a little while before then. I was suddenly awakened by a strange sensation and as I sat up I realized that the car was uncontrollably spinning around. We hit black ice and the driver lost control. The Jeep ended up hitting the guardrail, tipped over and rolled into the ditch. Miraculously my friends survived without a scratch but I wasn’t wearing a seat belt and I got banged up pretty badly. As I was helicoptered into the nearest hospital, the only thing I could think of was that I can’t die as a McKinsey consultant… Up until then I just haven’t taken the time to enjoy the small things in my life and I haven’t made enough of an impact on others’ lives. At that point I knew that if I survive I cannot and will not return to my old life. That was the beginning of this new, much happier chapter of my life.


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