Connection – what we are all looking for.  Connection exists in two ways: how we connect to ourselves and how we connect to others.  And they are a mirror of each other.


A lot of the dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and feeling of a void deep inside is due to a lack of connection.  We may have a lot of people in our lives yet only a small number we actually feel deeply connected to.  Some of us may feel we don’t have a truly deep connection to anyone.  We may externally have everything yet something is missing inside. Or we may be going through difficulties in our lives and feeling very alone. We would love to have others to connect to so we don’t feel this aloneness.  Wherever you are in Life I am here to tell you:


We are always connected.


I am here to offer guidance and assistance to you feeling this connection. It’s already inside of you. There are two ways to connect:
·      To Self
·      To Others
I am here to support you in whatever way you choose to experience this connection.


Connection to Self
For connection to self, I help you remember Who You Are. I reflect that back to you. What is the voice that keeps on coming up? What’s telling you you can’t have what you want in this life? That it’s difficult to have these deep connections with yourself and others? I reflect back your strength, your capabilities, your vulnerability.  I remind you of your Humanness AND your Divinity.  And in that, a self-confidence and a love can be felt.  Self-confidence in self means a trust, a trust in who you are and what you say, do, think is OK. It’s more than OK, it’s perfect.  You begin to truly feel a trust in Life.  You connect with YOU during these sessions. You connect deeply with yourself for your answers, for the steps on your path, for a life that is uniquely yours.
After our sessions, you feel your uniqueness and your connection to everything else.  You feel stronger, clearer and more Yourself.  Once we connect to ourselves and trust who we are and what is happening, there is an understanding and flow in life.  You will value the experience of life, the hurts, the joy, where you’ve been, done and what you will be and do.  You will learn and know how to connect deeply to yourself and become centered in who you are. From this centeredness, your life will be different.  You will be living as you’ve always wanted to live and even beyond.  You will see the gifts of this life.  You will see the gifts that you have to give in this life.


Connection to Others
Many women come to me and say they want to be in circle because they want to have deeper conversation and connections with other women.  They want a space where they can show up as themselves and to discover even more of who they are. A place where they can freely express, share their stories, hear others stories, support and be supported.  A place where there is true friendship and love. A place that they can leave feeling empowered, a place where there is no judgment but deep listening and acceptance.  I know from experience and from other women that Woven circles can provide what women have been looking for.  Sometimes, a woman is drawn to be in a circle without even clearly knowing why.  If you are reading this, then you have interest in being in a circle, and behind that interest, is a desire and need.

A Woven circle offers these experiences, they can be a life-enriching and life-changing.

I will provide training and guidance to set-up a circle.  I will guide you through our sessions to ensure that at the end of our time together, you have all the tools to have an active circle of women that are meeting regularly.
You will learn how to lead, how to successfully structure the meetings, how to make them engaging, deep, fulfilling.  You will learn how to connect deeply to others. You’ll receive and we will refer to  the Woven playbook during our sessions together (get the first chapter HERE).
The skills you learn and use in circle are skills that will also be immensely valuable in your life outside your circle.  They will affect relationships with your loved ones, family, friends, co-workers, even strangers on the street!



A one-hour ‘connection to self’ call is $75.  Sometimes one session is all that’s needed to feel a shift.  There will always be the option to schedule more calls, if needed.
A ‘ connection to others’ two session package for $100 (total time: 1 1/2 hours). Two sessions recommended since one session will focus on the skill of connecting deeply to others (1 hour) and the other on the technical/logistical issues of setting up and supporting an ongoing circle (1/2 hour). You will receive the full Woven Playbook.


If you’re ready to get started, sign up so we can connect!

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Sessions will be provided by Nina Del Marr, Co-Founding Member of Woven

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