You have a connection to writing. It brings you joy. Sometimes it’s a necessity. Writing is your creative outlet, your way of tapping in to the truth. You have stacks and stacks of journals and notebooks. You’ve regularly written morning pages and found great value in them….

But now you yearn for something more…

You’re ready to not just pour yourself out onto pages that never get read by you or anyone else.  You’re ready to take the next step and bring what you have to offer out into the world in a more visible direct way, but don’t know how. You’re ready to see yourself more clearly, to be seen, to be visible, to say more than you’ve said before, but you’re stuck. You know you have some great writing, great ideas, wisdom and insights to share…but you’re not really sure.

Would anyone else think so?

You wonder, “do I really have anything to offer others”?


The truth is writing reveals your truth both on and off the page. The truth is there is brilliance tucked away in the pages of your journal, all you have to do is look. You might be surprised at the impact your raw, imperfect and unedited words can have.

You already have all that you need to create what you are here to create and have the impact you are here to have.

When you make a conscious choice to share yourself with the world, you become visible.

You will attract the ideal people, opportunities, ideas and clients in your life or business. They will see, resonate, and connect with who you really are.

In this workshop, you will be shown how to take the next step and use your journal writing to go beyond and develop the clarity, confidence, and content you need to create, implement, and share what you have to offer with the world.



Saturday August 13, 2016

UCSF Mission Hall Room MH-1108
550 16th Street         
San Francisco CA 94158
Sam Wallen Photo Samantha Wallen, MFA is a poet, author, expert writing enthusiast, and the Founder/Creator of Write In Power, a business offering programs and mentoring using writing as a transformative and spiritual practice. She utilizes her mindfulness training and teaching experience from Naropa University in Boulder, CO to help visionary women use writing to wake up to their inner potential and access and express their creative power. She understands how hard it can be to write your vision into reality, and she is on a mission to provide you with the permission, structure, and support you need to fully belong to, trust and express yourself so you can claim your powerful gifts, expand your reach, and make the difference you are here to make. She currently lives in Mill Valley, CA with her spouse and two daughters, and she regularly walks among thousand year-old redwood trees to keep things in perspective.