Woven: The Fabric of Amazing Women

welcome to WOVEN!

WOVEN is a network of face-to-face circles of women who gather to support one another to THRIVE. They meet in communities all across the U.S. to explore real stories, wisdom, and care for one another and themselves. They experience heart-felt connection, deep listening, authenticity and humility as they discover greater meaning and purpose, joy, and health.  Woven circles are united by an online community and resources, offline events, and annual conferences.

What are Circles?

WOVEN Circles are in-person gatherings of women. They are self-led and unique to the community from which they arise. They can be focused and topical (concentrating on new parenthood, finding work, creating optimal health, etc.) or be completely diverse in topics, ages, and members. Each circle uses the Woven Playbook to guide the process of gathering the circle and to create a safe, fun and stimulating environment. 


Where are Circles

WOVEN Circles can be, literally, anywhere—and right where you are! We currently have active circles in San Francisco, CA, Mill Valley, CA, Santa Cruz, CA, Washington, D.C., New York City and an International circle in London, England. We are looking to create more.

Start a Circle

Excited about starting a circle? Here’s how it works. Find at least 4 other women who are interested in gathering on a regular basis Download the WOVEN Playbook that describes the guidelines for WOVEN circles and discuss how you would like to create your circle (how many members,frequency of gatherings, topics to share) Have one or more members take the WOVEN facilitator training. Get started and have fun!


As a WOVEN member, you may join WOVENSocialEngine. It's like a private Facebook just for WOVEN members. Learn what's going on with other WOVEN members, upcoming events, newest WOVEN Circle groups and exclusive offers


There is something special about creating a safe place for women to be—to just be—and woven provides that. At the Marin woven gathering we fell into a quick place of intimacy with women I didn’t even know--and that’s rare. I wouldn’t be the woman that I am without the support of the women who really “see me” in my local woven circle.
-Valerie Joi Fiddmont, Musician, Women’s Business Coach

Life-changing. Women’s potential on steroids. Heart-felt. Hopeful for the future. Exciting. Complete love and nurturing. Being in my woven circle is like talking to my higher self. It’s that deep wisdom that we all have inside us and being in my woven circle connects me to that wisdom. -Victoria Thranow Writer, Mom

It takes some skill to hold a group of strong women, and Rachel & Monika do just that. Woven is an incredible healing container for Women to let down their guard, to bring all of themselves, and to discover the woman within us that is unstoppable. Every woman needs a tribe behind her, and WOVEN is a tribe that can hold us all. -Sage Lavine, Business Coach and Inspirational Speaker